GNO & Social

In all camps to over 100km, BNO is responsible to supervise the local community by financing seed and fertilizer, as well as the supervision of the villagers by agronomists.

Drinking water wells in the villages around Number One’s farm have been set up to ensure the health of the villagers.

On Munama Road, Number One maintains soccer fields and provides sports equipment for clubs. Schooling is provided for the children of concession employees.

The construction of a popular market in Kamipini is set up by the catering company to allow the women of farmers to sell their food products with dignity.

At the end of December, each year, Santa Claus comes to distribute bags full of basic necessities, toys, sweets for the children living near the Kamipini farm.

Number One sponsors two schools; one located near the farm and one located in Kolwezi where we supervise young children up to the age of 18. (With the EGMF association)

At Number One, women occupy a very important place; The day of March 08 is an event not to be missed. All the women near the Kamipini farm are gathered, snacks are distributed as well as various aids such as: financing of childbirth, distribution of contraceptive pills as well as a moral around sexual protection and the importance of ‘have a child.

Active training is provided to staff availability thanks to 4 instructors, trainers, specialists in the slaughter – sausage and CATERING.

Number One participates in various sponsorships, including that of SEMPIA, a traditional Bemba folk group.

The Boucherie Populaire, 33 avenue Kapwassa is a restaurant open only for lunch that allows the population to eat a complete meal for an accessible and reasonable price.