Sustainable development

Sustainable development is of utter importance for Group Number One.

• Luendango is located at 100 km of Lubumbashi and is a field (land) of 11, 000 hectares owned by GNO. Its main activity is the induction of the population compared with the environment and bring a maximum of biotope as it existed some year ago. The animals present at this time are different kinds of antilopes and felines.

• In all the camps located at more than 200km, GNO is engaged in assisting the local community by financing seeds and fertilizers and also imparting training by agricultural engineers (agronomists).

• Drilling of drinking water bore holes in the villages around the Farm KAMIPINI GNO, in order to ensure clean drinking water to the villagers.

• On Munama Road, GNO supports some football grounds and provide the sport equipments for clubs. Schooling is ensured for the children of employees from the concession.

• The building of a public market at Kamipini is set by GNO to allow agricultural women to sell their farm products with dignity.

• Some active training is available to the personnel through qualified instructors, trainers, specialists in butchery, and HORECA.

• GNO sponsors two schools; one located near the farm KAMIPINI and another located in Kolwezi where we have young children up to the age of 18 (with EGMF association).

• GNO maintains the cemetery at KAFUBU.

• The construction of a new primary School – KASAMBA, has been completed and operational.