Warehouse & Logistic

The central store is essential to the proper functioning of the camp management, restaurant and butchery (suppliers, prices, logistics, etc).


  • The area of the central store is: 1272 m2
  • Dry: 470 pallets
  • FFV: 44 pallets
  • Frozen: 36 pallets
  • The rotation of the articles of the store is 6,200T per year (Dry, FFV, Frozen) and 3,607 T (water).
  • The warehouse stock has more than 1050 different items.


  • Shipments are 10 trucks per week.
  • Dry: 3 trucks
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV) : 1 Truck
  • Frozen: 2 trucks
  • Frozen: 2 trucks
  • Water: 6 trucks of water are directly delivered to the site by the supplier (64.5 T)


Today we work with 48 local suppliers and 7 foreign suppliers.
GNO prefers to work with local suppliers as this fits in our sustainability vision.