The Kamipini Farm

GNO has two farms that supply the slaughterhouse and the central store. Producing ourselves our first matter, we guarantee the quality and origin.

Kamipini is a site of approximately 73ha, 10km from the Number One concession. The farm focuses on four major activities:

The piggery

Kamipini can accommodate up to 6000 pigs.
Pig farming is managed by a highly qualified team assisted by a Belgian animal management software. This software allows amongs others to monitor production performances and avoid inbreeding.
The pigs in the fattening station are sent to the slaughterhouse when they reach a minimum live weight of 90 kg.

The vegetable garden

In the vegetable garden, 16 varieties of vegetables and 3 varieties of fruit trees are produced. Production, depending on season, can reach up to 15 tons per month. 10 greenhouses are available to produce vegetables that would be difficult to produce in the rainy season.
All vegetable production is entirely used for the mining camps catered by GNO and the Groupe Number One Restaurant.
An irrigation system permanently irrigates the garden, this allows a significant organic feed and avoids the use of industrial fertilizers.
The garden provides 60% of Number One needs, 40% is produced by local producers.

The egg production

500 egg laying chicken are kept in Kamipini. The eggs are sent to the warehouse for consumption. The chicken are fed with a special feed designed for laying hens.
All the chicken are vaccinated and regularly examined by veterinarians from the farm to ensure the quality of the eggs.

Cattle breeding

The Bonsmara cows are raised on the farm. This is a very rustic andresistant South African breed completely adapted to the climatic conditions. Calf’s produced at the farm are sent to River Lodge to continuously strengthen the genetic quality of the herd containing the matrices (breeding cows).

The feeding system is comparable as the pig feeding system, the feed is made on the farm and distributed to optimize performances (reproduction, growth index …).
Cattle are brought to Kamipini for a final feeding stage and then sent to the slaughterhouse. In this way GNO wants to increase the meat quality.