The Number One Abattoir

Butchery Number One is renowned for its expertise in slaughtering different types of animals, for the savor of its meat and for its traditional sausages. The production is destined to the sales network and to the Catering of the Mining service and to the Groupe Number One Restaurant.

Number One abattoir is considered as the most hygienic and the best in Central Africa.

It comprises a capacity of 80 heads per day (comprising beef, calf, lamb, goat on different days of the week).

The cattle is brought to the abattoir 48 hours before slaughtering. It undergoes before slaughtering all ante-mortem examinations to ensure that the cattle is in good health and after slaughtering all carcasses receive a post mortem examination.

Finally the carcasses are transfered to the cold room. After having passed a minimum of 10 days of maturation in the cold room, the carcasses are brought to the deboning/meat processing area, which comprises a production capacity of 15 tons of meat per day.

After the deboning/meat processing area operation, the (fresh) meat is sold (clients, super markets and Groupe Number One Restaurant) or packed in carton boxes and stored at -18°C for later transport to the camps. Transport of meat is always done in refrigerated trucks (cold chain control).